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    About Rocksolid Decorative Chips Customize the look of your floor with RockSolid® Decorative Chips. These chips allow you to mix, match and add more chips for a personalized look you create. FOR BEST RESULTS For use with RockSolid® Garage Floor Kits ( Gray, Tan, Mocha). For a high-gloss, professional finish, top with RockSolid® Clear Top Coat. AVAILABLE SIZES
    • 2.5 lbs.
    • Heavy coverage — 250 sq ft per box
    • Partial coverage — 250 sq ft per ½ box contents
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    About Polycuramine® Diamond Coat Clear Base RockSolid® Polycuramine® Diamond Coat is an odor free, interior clear base, which serves as the foundation of three RockSolid Floors® finishing systems: the Chip System, Metallic System and Color System. Polycuramine® provides incredible abrasion and chemical resistance. This product combines key attributes from multiple chemistries into one indestructible, self-leveling, flexible, fast curing, high gloss coating system. RockSolid® Polycuramine® Diamond Coat also serves as a primer, base coat and clear coat for virtually any floor finishing system.
    • 20X stronger than epoxy
    • Walk on in 8-10 hours and drive on in 24 hours
    • Extreme high gloss
    • Impervious to chemicals
    • Industrial grade floor coating
    • Low odor and VOC free
    • No hot tire pick-up
    • Self-leveling and buildable
    • Eco safe
    • Easy mix burst pouch
    • Covers up to 200-250 sq ft
    For Best Results For use as base with the metallic tints, color system, tints and chip system. Install between 40°-90°F. Available Sizes
    • 70 fl oz kit
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    About Polycuramine® Garage Floor Coating Kit The Garage Floor Coating, like all RockSolid Polycuramine® coatings, offers unsurpassed durability. Polycuramine is 20 times stronger than epoxy. With its resistance to salt, oil, gas and other harsh chemicals, this is one of the toughest floor coatings on the planet. It’s easy to maintain and will last a lifetime while still looking fantastic.
    • 20X stronger than epoxy
    • Walk on in 8-10 hours and drive on 24 hours
    • Extreme high gloss
    • Impervious to chemicals
    • Low odor and VOC free
    • No hot tire pickup
    • Self-leveling & buildable
    • Eco-safe
    • Easy-mix burst pouch
    FOR BEST RESULTS Optimal application temperature 40˚-90˚F AVAILABLE SIZES
    • 1 Car Kit (76 fl oz) – Covers up to 200-250 sq ft
    • 2.5 Car Kit (152 fl oz) – Covers up to 450-500 sq ft
    • Pre-Tinted Polycuramine Burst Pouch
    • Foam Roller
    • Decorative Color Chips
    • Instructions
    • Stir Stick
    • Concrete Etch
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    About Wood Stripper RockSolid™ Wood Stripper is a ready to use, premium quality exterior wood stripper for all types of traditional stains and pigmented finishes. RockSolid™ Wood Stripper will cut through and remove old, weathered coatings, including solid or semi-transparent stains, tinted water repellents or other toner-type, transparent finishes. Oil Base, water base, and even tough to remove latex stains are easily removed in one application. Using RockSolid™ Wood Stripper before re-application of a protective coating or stain ensures its proper adhesion, penetration and optimum performance.
    • For use on all types of wood
    • For Best Results
    • Liberally work small area at a time by pouring/brushing/spraying onto dry deck.
    Available Sizes 1 Gallon
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    About Wood Cleaner and Brightener RockSolid™ Wood Cleaner & Brightener quickly and safely restores dirty, weathered, mildew and algae stained wood to a bright, natural, like new look. RockSolid Wood Cleaner & Brightener eliminates residual traces of old water sealers from weathered wood and invisible coating barriers such as mill glaze from new cedar, which enables proper adhesion and penetration of protective coatings. This 100% biodegradable formula will not harm grass or surrounding plant life. For Best Results
    • Mix with one gallon of fresh, clean water (1:1 mix ratio) to achieve approximate coverage of 750 square feet.
    Available Sizes 1 Gallon
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    About Antislip Additive Use RockSolid™ Anti-Slip Additive to add texture and create a slip-resistant surface in any of the three interior floor coating systems. It provides increased safety, it’s barefoot friendly and creates extreme durability.
    • Extremely durable
    • Barefoot friendly
    • Increased safety
    • Adds texture to create a slip-resistant surface
    • Fortified with aluminum oxide
    For Best Results Use with RockSolid™ Clear Top Coat Available Sizes 8 oz. Pouch
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    About Putty Patch Rocksolid Putty Patch is a fast-setting general purpose cement-based patching material for repairing concrete and masonry. Rocksolid Putty Patch is a proprietary blend of Portland cements, aggregates and additives that achieve initial set in 10-15 minutes, final set in 20-25 minutes. It can be shaved down to achieve a more uniform looking repair after initial set.
    • Fast curing & easy to use
    • Interior & exterior use
    • Harder than concrete being repaired
    • High strength and durability
    • Can be shaped, molded, and shaved
    • Fills cracks up to 7″ deep
    • For use on vertical, overhead or horizontal concrete surfaces
    FOR BEST RESULTS Always slightly overfill the target repair area with RockSolid Putty Patch. Optimal application temperature 50-100˚F, keep from freezing AVAILABLE SIZES
    • Sealable pouch for easy mixing
    • Size: 3 lbs.
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    About Fast Patch Kit RockSolid™ Fast Patch Kit repairs cracks, spalls and minor damage to concrete surfaces, without waiting for the repairs to cure. Easy to mix 1:1 ratio and no special equipment is equired. Perform repairs and apply the coating within minutes, not hours.
    • Easy to mix 1-to-1 ratio
    • Return to service immediately, no wait time prior to coating
    • Can be applied vertically
    • Concrete gray color
    For Best Results Store Fast Patch at room temperature before using. Available Sizes
    • 2 qt Kit
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    About Color System Tint The RockSolid® Color System Tint provides the appearance of stained concrete, slate, and natural stone or marble.
    • Apply using Dualie Roller or Dualie Roller Kit
    For Best Results For use with RockSolid® Diamond Coat Clear Base Available Sizes
    • 10 fl oz
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    About Crack-n-Patch RockSolid™ Crack and Patch is a heavy duty, fast setting patching material for concrete block, sidewalks, patios, steps and other concrete or masonry surfaces. This product is suitable for interior or exterior applications. Just add water to create a workable, easy to apply mixture with excellent bonding characteristics. This product may be trowel applied over existing concrete surfaces from a feather edge to ½” thickness to refinish the concrete surface. It can be shaved or molded to the required shape.
    • Mix in the pouch—just add water
    • Repairs steps sidewalks driveways walls and more
    • Fast curing & easy to use
    • Can be shaped, molded, and shaved
    • High strength and durability
    • Fills cracks up to 1/2″ deep
    For Best Results Optimal application temperature 50-100˚F, keep from freezing Available Sizes 3 lb Pouch