//Rust Oleum RockSolid® Wood Cleaner and Brightener

Rust Oleum RockSolid® Wood Cleaner and Brightener

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About Wood Cleaner and Brightener

RockSolid™ Wood Cleaner & Brightener quickly and safely restores dirty, weathered, mildew and algae stained wood to a bright, natural, like new look. RockSolid Wood Cleaner & Brightener eliminates residual traces of old water sealers from weathered wood and invisible coating barriers such as mill glaze from new cedar, which enables proper adhesion and penetration of protective coatings. This 100% biodegradable formula will not harm grass or surrounding plant life.

For Best Results

  • Mix with one gallon of fresh, clean water (1:1 mix ratio) to achieve approximate coverage of 750 square feet.

Available Sizes

1 Gallon

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60635 – 1 Gallon

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